Our Team

Veldi Games is a combined effort of two sisters, Kate and Eleanor Turner. Coming from a family of avid board-gamers, it wasn’t too long before the idea came up of creating our own. We were both born and raised in Sydney, Australia, but now we’re constantly wandering across the globe.




Kate has a doctorate in Pure Mathematics from the University of Chicago and is currently a post-doc at the EPFL, Switzerland.

She’s the design genius behind all the games here at Veldi Games, and was always the one in the family who won 9 times out of 10.

She’s also got two bloody adorable kids under 5.

ELEANOR TURNER | Game Producer

Eleanor is currently studying English Literature at the University of Sydney whilst working on Veldi Games’ projects. She helps with all the game production process, including the graphic design, finance and boring business things.

She’s got a blog on Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, Jane to Georgette and various other writing projects. Alongside her creative projects, Eleanor’s also currently working full-time for the University of Sydney.